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Wood Utilization + Design Institute Conferences at Clemson University

Mez Joseph

Jennifer Charzewski and Elissa Bostain recently spoke at three conferences hosted by Wood Utilization + Design Institute at Clemson University. The conference was about sustainable building in South Carolina utilizing wood. Jennifer and Elissa spoke about the use of wood in the new South Carolina State Welcome Centers in Fort Mill and Hardeeville, which South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism (SCPRT) is currently replacing. The presentation covered how the use of wood at several scales helps make a connection between the past and the future, our state identity, local sense of place, the familiar and the new, tourism and state industry. From the concept of welcome centers as the “front porch” of the state to the execution of details, wood is an integral component to the design process and ongoing construction of these case study projects. Read the article here.